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So You are Wondering How to Spot and Meet a Hot Housewife!

Well you have cum to the right place! The easy part is spotting us....if you know what to look for. The tougher part is determining where to look for us since we are everywhere! Hopefully the following will help you in your quest for a hot housewife and if you see me somewhere...speak up! You may just get lucky!

What to Look For?

The hot housewife or hotwife as we are sometimes called are actully quite easy to spot. Some of the thinks to look for are:

1) The Shoes! No matter where you are if you see a housewife wearing a wedding ring and she also has on either strappy, bright colored high heels or platform shoes your odds just went way up that you have found a hot housewife! Look espicially for the color red.

2) The Jewelry! Those of us in the hotwife lifestyle actually advertise! Thats right! Look for anklets that either say hotwife or feature the male / female symbol. Even if the anklet doesn't have either of these dead giveaways a housewife wearing an anklet is definately trying to say ask! What do you have to lose?

3) The Clothes! Now this should be an easy one. Many times when my husband and I have gone out knowing what we were looking for ( a hot stud!) I dresed purposely. A housewife who goes out showing off the goods is doing so for a reason...find out what that reason is!

Where to Look?

Up our skirts silly! Actually you can greatly increase your chances of running into a housewife on the prowl if you know where to look. Here are some tips!

Shopping Malls. Can you possibly look in a direction and not spot a housewife that you would like to seduce? I'd venture a guess and say no.

The malls are always full of housewives. We love to go shopping and just hang out. And the best part is we usually shop alone or with a girlfriend....think 2 for 1!

While we are shopping you can easily walk up to a hot housewife and ask :

"Excuse me. Would you be so kind to hold this up in front of you for a moment? It's my sister's birthday next week and you are about the same size as her and from what I can tell you have the same excellent fashion sense."

Once you have sufficient information of not only what this housewife likes but also why she likes it you can start your charm. Expand the conversation to likes and dislikes in other areas of her life to get the housewife view on things and so on. If you think she is a hotwife you might want to act very quickly to find ways for you to continue your conversation somewhere else!

Gourmet Coffee Shops. These places are packed with housewives. Sometimes the more packed the place, the better because you may have to share a table with a housewife. If it's not very busy you can still ask to sit next to a beautiful housewife. Just tell her that you don't like to sit alone and if she'd mind you sitting with her till you're done with your drink.

If you're sitting with a housewife you might as well talk about something. And remember this is a gourmet coffee shop. A housewife doesn't come here for the coffee, the housewife comes here for the specialty coffee, and they come for the frills and prestige associated with specialty coffee shops.

So what do you talk about?

Her favorite drink and why she likes it over regular coffee, how does it make her feel and so on. Try and talk in detail about the different sensations and aromas. A housewife loves descriptive talk especially if it involves something that can be compared to a sexual sensation!

This should give you a good start! I will be adding to the hot housewife information periodically so be sure to check back!

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